Pictures and Testimonials from Web Marketing Courses

Reachd Social Media Course in Vancouver on Sept 24th, 2009

Graduates Social Media CourseDara Sklar, Reachd Trainer, just completed the social media training in Vancouver. There were a handful of participants in the course learning about Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Those that participated in the course included: Melissa Harris from Splat Designs, Kandis Wells of Adera and Cynthia Wong

Reachd Video Course in Vancouver BC on Sept 22nd, 2009

Graduates Video Course on September 22 2009The Reachd video course in Vancouver concluded recently. The participants learned how to use video to promote their businesses and their brand online. Those participating in the coures included: Alfredo Rolando

Reachd Adwords Course in Vancouver BC - Sept 3rd, 2009

Adwords Course in WichitaGoogle Adwords is a great way to drive targeted quality traffic to your website. Sometimes adwords can be difficult to navigate but having a foundational understanding of Adwords is essential if you are going to market online. Those picture to the left attend the Reachd Adwords class in Vancouver BC. They are: CJ Stephenson, Chad Howse, Avi Arja from Ajanta Hotel, Lynn Kitchen from Langara College, Don Hale and Rick Hanover.

Reachd Social Media Class in Vancouver, BC - August 27th 2009

Graduates Social Media Marketing Class in VancouverThe Reachd social media course was held in Vancouver BC at the end of August. There were just a handful on hand in the class, but the class was packed with great ideas and lots of learning. Thos in attendance included: Steve Toth and Maili Wong

Reachd Video Class in Vancouver BC August 25th, 2009

Using online video is a very effective way to build relationship with your website visitors. Your website visitors begin to meet you through the videos on your site. Recently in Vancouver, Reachd held their 3 hour video training session. The course was attended by the following individuals:  Bruce Whittingham, Steven Toth, Wes Nygaard, Don Hale, and Maili Wong  Watch the video to the left to and hear why they attended the course.

Reachd Video Class in Omaha, NE - August 21sth, 2009

Graduates Video Class in Omaha Aug 09Reachd's first training session in Omaha was a 3 hour session about online Video. The course was held at the Pizza Shoppe in Benson, NE as we attended by marketing professionals, a realtor, and a sales manager. Those in attendance included: Jodee Drake-Soto & Heather Chaney, from NP Dodge Realty, Mark Ramsey, Wendy Zikas with Green Credit Law Center and Joe Frost

Reachd SEO Class in Wichita - August 20th, 2009

Graduates 3 Hour SEO Class in WichitaOne of the first Reachd training sessions in Wichita was held at Office This in August 09. Reachd lead instructor taught a few local businesses & non-profits about search engine optimization in the Reachd three hour seo course. Those in the course included: Nate Hart of River Community Church, Michael Thorne, Linda Alter, assistant to Dick Kelsy for Congress, Christie Gnad and Cheryl Gnad.

Reachd SEO Class in Vancouver BC - July 21st 2009

Graduates of July 09 SEO CourseLearning to rank higher on Google can be an overwhelming task, but these seven people decided it was time to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Higher rankings and increased conversions is the goal of the 3 hour SEO seminar taught by Reachd instructor Dara Sklar.

The participants in the SEO course included: Rick Hanover, Lisa Gibson, Iain Rogers, Shelley Burlet, Rita Laursen, May-Ling Yuen, and Lianne Scott

Reachd Blogging Course in Vancouver BC - July 16th 2009

Graduates July 09 Blogging in VancouverA great group of ladies enjoyed the Reachd blogging class in Vancouver BC. In the blog training we discussed the whats, whys and hows of blogging. Those in attendance at the training included: Shelley Burlet (a Vancouver Realtor), Eve Johnson (a business owner and author) Nicole Dennis Durnin from the Lynn Steven Boutique, and Sonja Picard (custom Jewelry Designer)-  The course was taught by the Reachd Vancouver instructor Dara Sklar

Reachd Blogging Course in Wichita KS - July 14th, 2009

Graduates July 09 Wichita Blogging Course The first Reachd Wichita blogging session was held on July 14th, 2009. We had four eager learners in attendance during the course. Those in attendace included, Jessica Cox, Lisa Cox, Zachary Hanley, and Diana Hanley. Each participant got started setting up their Wordpress blog and afterwards were eager to learn more asking, "When is the follow up session?"

Reachd SEO Training in Vancouver June 24th, 2009

Graduates of Vancouver SEO CourseDara Sklar, the new instructor in Vancouver taught her first three hour SEO course in Vancouver on June 24th. Those that attended the course included: Lena Hutzcal, Simon Lu Sutton, Rich and Brandy part of the marketing team from Granville Pharmacy, Michael Sjerven, Tyler Schacter, Jay McInnes, Paul Albrighton, Corinne Begg, Mark Donovan, and Ronda Payne Eyben.

Reachd 1 Day Web Marketing Bootcamp for Realtors - June 19 2009

Graduates 1 Day Web Marketing BootcampThe second Reachd 1 day web marketing bootcamp for realtors was held at the Sutton office on June the 19th. This training was designed to give realtors an overview of how they can market themselves online as well as set aside to to actually implement what they are learning in the course. Those in attendance included, Larry Anderson - Owner of Sutton Premier Realty in Surrey, Pietro Nardone - Realtor at Sutton West Coast, Peter Welk - Realtor at Sutton Group Showplace Realty, Alan Au - Realtor at Sutton West Coast.  and Tony Cikes - Realtor at Sutton West Coast.

Reachd SEO Training June 16th, 2009

Graduates June 16th SEO CourseTraining location change. Reachd is now teaching courses in the Bell Alliance Boardroom at Hemlock and Broadway. The June SEO course was our first training session. Those in attendance for the first session at Bell Alliance included, Irwin Hsiao,
Christie Judson, Natalie Gauvreau, Leilani Fong and Antoinette Iacobucci

Reachd 1 Day Web Marketing Bootcamp for Realtors - June 12 2009

Graduates 1 Day Web Marketing BootcampReachd's first training exclusively for Realtors took place on June the 12 at the Sutton Realty offices in Burnaby BC. The course gave agents and managers a good overview of web marketing tactics as well as gave time for us to do some hands on implementation as well. Those in attendance included, Cliff Stevenson, Vic Jang, Arthur Armstrong, Jamie Fecteau, Robert Samus, and Patricia Fu.

Thanks to everyone that attended for making this a great day of training.


Reachd Blogging Class in Vancouver - June 2009

Reachd June Blogging ClassThe recent Reachd blogging course received a few rave reviews from some students on Twitter both here and here.

Thanks to everyone that attended. Those in attendance included: Devon Rogers & Mark Donovan both realtors in the Fraser Valley, Irwin Hsiao a web developer, Christie Judson a marketer and freelance writer, Fred Shadian owner of Oneness Retreat Center, Corinne Begg a business owner and communications expert, and Adrian Csintalan a Vancouver realtor.

Reachd Adwords Class - June 2009

Graduates June 2009 AdwordsThe Reachd Adwords training was held at Ceili's Irish pub in Downtown Vancouver on June the 2nd. We had an avid group of marketers in attendance. Those that participated in the course included: Brent Hurtig, a marketing and branding consultant from Bellingham WA, Christie Judson a marketing consultant and free lance writer, Ronda Payne, a marketing consultant and free lance writer, Irwin Hsiao a web designer, Mark Donovan and Devon Rogers realtors marketing a website called, Clayton Hill Real Estate and Octavio Arechiga a real estate developer from Mexico.

Reachd Video Training - May 2009

The Reachd monthly video training in Vancouver had participants from various industries including a few realtors, a web designer, a marketing professional a communications director, and a business coach. Those participating in the training included:  Corinne Begg, Angela Bains, Kelvin Neufeld, Louise Boutin, Ronda Payne, Janice Turner of the CGA, Wendy Mills, and Betsy Carstairs

Reachd SEO Course - May 2009

Graduates of May SEO TrainingMonthly search engine optimization class was held in downtown Vancouver on May the 12th. The sunshine in Vancouver kept a few people away, but those in attendance included: Kelvin Neufeld, Octavio Arechiga, Angela Bains from the Ca Design Group, and Margret Nyfors.

Following the class, Angela commented, "This was a great course. It is great to know what Google looks at when they come to crawl my site."

Reachd Blogging Course - May 2009

Graduates May 09 Blogging CourseIn the picture to the left of some of the participants of the Reachd Blogging Course. Several of the participants were finishing up their Reachd Bundle of courses with this blogging class. Those in attendance included: Lena Hutzcal of Easy Care Restoration, Carolynne Maguire, Nina Campbell, Ronda Payne, Natalie Gauvreau, Angela Bains, Kelvin Neufeld and Octavio Arechiga.

Reachd Social Media Training April 2009

Graduates April 09 Social Media CourseThe Reachd Social Media Training was held in downtown Vancouver at Ceili's Irish Pub on April 30th, 2009. Those in attendance in the course included: Vera Farkas of Rare Indigo, Yvonne De Valone of U-Lok Storage, Nancy Powroznik, Carolynne  Maguire, Louise Boutin, Nina Campbell, Ken Lapp, Devon Rogers & Mark Donovan partners in Clayton Hill Real Estate Natalie Gauvreau, Michelle Diaz from Tritex Fabrics, and Fred Shadian.

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Reachd Search Engine Optimization Bootcamp - March 25 & 26 2009

March 09 SEO Bootcamp Picture The recent 2 day SEO training was held in a private home in Kerrisdale. The Reachd bootcamp is 2 days long and the primary value of the training is sitting around the table with 5 other committed business owners to talk about your website. Those participating in our March course included: Stephanie Pink, a realtor in Victoria, Jenn DiSpirito, a Vancouver photographer, Rob Reynar, a Calgary realtor and Jason and Jaime Zroback, two realtors that specialize in BC waterfront properties.

Reachd Video Training - March 24th 2009

The Reachd monthly video training had participants from various industries. Some travelled in Calgary, Alberta for our training in downtown Vancouver. Here are the people that participated in the course this month: Rob Reynar, a Cochrane realtor, Melissa Moses, Nancy Powroznik, Christine Turner, Darrell Morrison, James Mramor, Wendy McLeod and Linda Burchell.


Reachd SEO Course - March 19th 2009

Graduates March SEO Course There were 10 people participating in the monthly SEO course. Many were brand new to search engine optimization. Those in attendance included: Caroline Calvert a Vancouver Wedding Dress Designer, Merideth Schutter, Vancouver Realtor, Melissa Moses, a Marketing Professional, Nancy Powroznik, Harold Nichols, Renee Gerschman, Melanie Copple, Professional assistant to Jody Copple, James Mramor a White Rock Realtor, Liz Gaige owner of Market Navigators, Dara Sklar owner of Realty Support, and Clayton Fuller of Beach Acres Resort on Vancouver Island.

Next SEO Training is April 16th

Reachd Blogging Course - March 10th 2009

Graduates of March 09 Blogging CourseThe Reachd monthly blog training wrapped up this week. One of the main questions discussed in the course was "Why have a blog?" Each person took time to consider why they need a blog and how it can help them grow their business and develop personally. Those in attendance included: Melissa Moses, Cynthia Weberg, Nancy Powroznik, Harold Nichols, Caroline Calvert, Kathy Stilwell and Rich Patterson

Next Blogging Course is April 9th

Reachd Google Adwords Course - March 3rd 2009

Graduates March 09 Adwords CourseGoogle Adwords course in March was held on the first Tuesday at Ceili's Irish pub in Downtown Vancouver. In the room we had some relative Adwords newbies as well as one advertiser spending around $1500 / month on this account. A wide range of experience was represented in the course. Those in attendance included: Melissa Moses, Cynthia Weberg, Vera Farkas, Yvonne DeValone, Nancy Powroznik, Harold Nichols, Charlotte Bourne, Renee Gerschman, and Cindy Nguy.

Next Adwords Course is April 2nd

Reachd Social Media Guided Tour - February 26th 2009

Graduates of Social Media CourseThe reachd social media guided tour included, accountants, marketing managers, realtors, trainers and promotional products provider. In this 3 hour tour we take a look at 3 different social media websites, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. February's social media participants included, Allyson Brooke, Christa Webe, Kathy Stilwell, William Roberts, Cindy Nguy, Rich Patterson, Ray Williams, Shauneen vanGinkel, Kari Kylo, and Bob Gautama of CMA BC.

Next Social Media Class - March 30th

Reachd Online Video Training - February 24th 2009

Ceili's private room on the 3rd floor was packed with people interested in learning about video. Every seat was full and we even had people sitting at the bar. Check out the video to the left to see who attends our course. Those in attendance included, Kim Matthews, Daneana Toth, Christa Webe, Merideth Schutter, Kathy Stilwell, Peter Kefalas, Sheldon Pearce, Kim Armstrong, Cindy Nguy, Rich Patterson, Vera Farkas, Yvonne DeValone, Ray Williams, Yumi Yang, Michael McCarthy, Teri-Lyn Conrad, Shauneen  vanGinkel, Allyson Brooke and Kari Kylo.

The Next Video Course is March 24th

Reachd Search Engine Optimization Training - February 19th 2009

Graduates Feb SEO Training 2009The Reachd monthly SEO training was held at Ceili's Irish Pub this week. Those in attendance included: Kim Matthews, Daneana Toth, Mark Lui, Christa Webe, Kathy Stilwell, Candice Ashe, Shara Turner, Cindy Nguy, Cynthia Weberg, Vera Farkas, Yvonne De Valone and Sam Nahidi.

The next SEO course is March 19th

Reachd Blogging Course - February 12th 2009

Graduates Blogging Course Feb 2009The monthly blogging course in Downtown Vancouver wrapped up with a great group of attendees. Those at the training included: Mark Lui, Christa Webe & Shauneen vanGinkel of Delta Laser Clinic, Merideth  Schutter, Janice Turner of the Certified General Accounts of Canada, Maureen  Cameron, Karen Speirs, Cindy Nguy representing Lavish ,and Kari Kylo

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Reachd Adwords Training - February 5th 2009

Graduates Feb Adwords Course The Reachd Adwords course took place this week in Downtown Vancouver at Ceili's Irish pub. The course was well attended with a realtor, marketing specialist, web developer, business owner, and office manager from hair removal and laser skin care clinic. Those in the course included:  Caroline Calvert, Daneana Toth, Kelly Gordon, Mark Lui, Christa Webe, Merideth Schutter, Kari Kylo and Yumi Ang.

The next Google Adwords Course is March 3rd.

Reachd Online Video Training - January 27th 2009

The first video course of 2009 took place this week at Ceili's Irish pub in Downtown Vancouver. Each of the participants attending the course received a Flip Video camera to get them started with their video blogging projects. Those in attendance included: Beverly Hanna, Karen Overgaard, Craig Rushton, Madeleine Shaw, Caroline  Calvert, Brenda Harrison-Gallagher, Karen Moran, Mike Andruff, Vici MacLeod, Mark Longpre, Christine Louw, Mark Lui, Adam Knight, and Walter Lynxleg, the once-homeless First Nations artist.

The Next Video Course is Feb 24th

Reachd Search Engine Optimization Training - January 20th 2009

Graduates of SEO TrainingThe monthly Reachd SEO course was held a Ceili's Irish pub and there was a great mix of business owners and entrepeneurs in attendance. Participants included some experienced SEO's and people completely green in the field of SEO. Those in attendance in the course included: Karen Moran, Vici Macleod, Mark Longpre, Nancy Wang, Adrian Moore, Helen Stepchuk of Rent Planet and  Maricela Paniagua who works with Next Door Style.

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Reachd Adwords Training - January 13th 2009

Graduates of Adwords CourseThe first course offered by Reachd in 2009 was the Google Adwords course. A fitting place to start out the years since Google Adwords should be the first place any business goes that wants to market themselves online. Those in attendance in the course included: Andrea Caudrey, Kim Matthews, Brenda Harrison-Gallagher, Bill Greenbaum, Karen Moran, Vici Macleod, Mark Longpre, Nancy Wang, and Adrian Moore.

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Reachd Social Media Training - December 16th 2008

Graduates of Social Media Course The social media course on December 16th was our final training session of 2008. Participants in the course included, Jay McInnes, a Vancouver realtor, Rowena List, a professional organizer, Avi Arya, marketer for India hotels and tourism, Kelly Gordon from Klondike Contracting in Vancouver, Claire Sutton, an EAP consultant, Karen Overgaard & Jehanne Burns from the Whistler Museum 

The next Reachd Social Media Training is January 29th.

Reachd December 2008 Online Video Training

Our final Video course of 2008 was held at Ceili's Irish Pub in Downtown Vancouver on December 11th. Those in attendance included, Claire Sutton, Kelly Gordon, Diane Sam and Avi Arya. Each of the participants received a FREE Flip video camera and learned to produce short effective movies to promote on their blog or website.

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