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ReachdTV: Interview with David Klein

At PubCon there was a session on Local Search. Local search is all about small businesses or large businesses learning to take control of the Search engine results for local niche terms. Local search is a critical thing to focus on for small businesses. One of the great things about local search is that it is something which is also important to Google. You can list your local business in Google local on Google Maps. 

We were excited to meet David because he is a small business owner. Acutally he is a chiropractor in San Diego and discovered a year ago that his website was not ranking well in the Search engines.  David decided to do something about it, so he attended pubcon a year ago and now his site is ranking well on Google. According to David his $1,000 investment in SEO training has turned into a great investment. Now he's ranking well and now more customers are finding his practice.

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Transcript of Video with David Klein

Rodney: So, we are at Pubcon here in Las Vegas 2007. I am Rodney with Reachd and just met David Klein here a small business owner actually chiropractor and he has come to the last Pubcon when it learned about SEO and to try to give a site rank. So just I was excited to meet you and interested to hear your story, I guess?

David Klein: I think chiropractics a really really cool thing. If everyone in the whole world went to chiropractors they would be out of wheel chairs for an extra 20 years longer they would end up not going to convalescent homes for an extra 20 years. This is on average. And people are just could be a lot healthier and so my whole goal was supposed to put my own business but also to promote chiropractor to the world, so I made a website on it but the problem was search engines couldn’t find it, nobody knew my website existed had great stuff on it, but nobody even knew it was there.  

Rodney: And so you came here to try to learn something about SEO and now the results have been?

David Klein: Yeah, I came the same conference last year and I have asked experts people like you guys as if talk may have to do it and then what ended up happening is my site with better and better than Google. So if you are listing this and if you sit down to Google and under the trump San Diego chiropractor, it took us three words, out of 1 ½ million matches, my website which is BodyABCS or bodyabcs are nows shows up number one who is today at the rate of 1.5 million matches. This drives to who go to people who are at office are customers who have problems, who need our help and who stick around and pay and it’s because I went and have to do this stuff.  

Rodney: Cool, so your site is ranking better, more people are walking in the front door, more business, so your return on investments actually ….?

David Klein: If I had spent put it this way, if I had spent a $1000 on training last year by return on investment would have been at least a 101 if not may be close to 200 to 1.  

Rodney: Woh, so that is really good news. So the 1000 bucks invested in the SEO training has turned in to ….?

David Klein : A lot. And even more important than that is that is if your customers if they really believe in what their sites are about like with assertive and more important to teach people about what we do than to just make the money, if you want to communicate to people if you want to reach people in any way it is the way to do it. I don’t look for the all pages any where I don’t go to the library any more, I go on the internet.

Rodney: Thanks a lot David, really appreciate your time, it was good to meet you and there you go, 1000 bucks, great return on investment.