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ReachdTV: Interview with Jon Gibson from ClickTracks

As you can see from all our recent posts, we have been busy with the video camera and we've got yet another video coming for you. This is an interview with Jon Gibson from ClickTracks is a web analytics provider and in the video, Jon talks about some of the ClickTracks features and gave us a brief explaination on the importance of analytics for your site. 

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Having Problem with the video? You can get the content the old fashioned way - Read the Transcript of the John Gibson Video

Transcript of Video with John Gibson

Rodney: I am Rodney from Reachd and over here at Pubcon in Las Vegas 2007 and I was talking with Jon Gibson from Click Tracks. Click Tracks is a analytics provider and we talk a lot about importance of tracking you visitors and their behavior and look at the things they are looking on their site so I guess may be if there is so much data you know that people are trying to sort through could you may be tell them what are the most important things you should track on the weekly, daily basis?

Jon Gibson: Sure, well, there is a couple of key batters that you want to look at, average some one site is great one just for understanding if visitors are actually interested in your site.

Rodney: Probably more importantly than just how much time all your visitors are spin on your site? You want to be interested in the visitors that you are actually that your business is interested in. So you want to create segments to look at specific ports of your visitor traffic to find out what the people that you are actually interested in, what they are dealing, one of those things that people ask us a lot is what is a good number because there are so many numbers like page views or time on site what should I be shooting for and our answer is always the number is it important as the growth, you just a little bit better and what can you do better, what’s your take on that?

Jon Gibson: No, I that is right, it is not every websites different, every business is different what your goals are might be, if you are a business to business site you goals are probably different than a business to consumer or like a social network there are something. So I don’t think it will make sense look to an outside reference point due to hit those numbers. You want to improve with in your site, you want to find out what is important to your business, part of that spoken round and understanding the goals of your website and how your website meets those goals and by digging into it, by doing a segmentation, by with ClickTracks we have a funnel report, we call it a funnel report because that is the industry term, it is little greater than that because it doesn’t necessarily prescribe a specific path through website. It is not suites and ladders, may be it is suite and ladders, we go all over the places, it is not monopoly where you go around in a circle. There is different path on your site, people are doing all sorts of things. You want look at that and in again you want to go down and drive in to the segments your business actually cares about.

Rodney: So, could you tell us may be what is unique about ClickTracks we talked to our people above on the website and get of unique selling points, so tell us what’s unique about ClickTracks?

Jon Gibson: Sure, well, I talked a little bit on segmentation, I think it support. I think ClickTracks does it really well. We allow adhoc segmentations, so we clicked all the data, so we were able to do segmentation on data you have already collected. You don’t have to retool your website, add new tags specifically secure after a statement, and that is useful for marketer to be able to do analysis, have an idea. Create a segment do the investigation right there and then getting a new idea and then dig further, lot having to stop, retool the website you add another variable at a job script tag. So ClickTracks does really good job at adnet and the more I will work with that, the more powerful that really is. Another thing in ClickTracks does well that two reports, the quick fraud report which shows quick fraud and not just quick fraud, but also shows kind of poorly performing adds. So it might look like quick fraud, may be it is, may be it isn’t, more importantly it is an ad, it is not doing well. You are spending money on, that’s not given you any return on your investment and that’s really what you want to know. The third thing I will mention is the what change report. Which is a report that we have that chose statistically significant changes with in your website across different time periods and this is good for finding out so you got a new news alert that a blog has picked up on. Well, this will kind of alert you to that change that you might not have picked up on earlier, because it doesn’t necessarily have to be a big signal, but has to be a significant one, so that is pretty cool, let you dig in and find some kind of golden nuggets. 

Rodney: Ok, I guess last question here and you said something about you can find out the money you are spending and if it is useful and what they all the Clicks if they are worthwhile, small business owners that we talk to don’t have a lot of money to spend, so they may be using Google analytics which is a free tool, what is the price points for Click Tracks and comparison there?

Jon Gibson: We actually have a free tool called appetizer which hopefully give you a taste of doing analytics, but with ClickTracks we start at about $250, and go up from there up to JDC product which is several thousands or that is a lot more power. Yeah but in the end I mean ultimately all the analytic products should make you money in the end in terms of what you are spending and what you are saving, so with that good, you get job of that.

Rodney: Thanks a lot Jon, appreciate your time. So I was just talking with Jon here and again he mentioned the importance of tracking the visitors behavior and also like to mention in our courses that incremental growth is really important, so again thanks Jon for your time and enjoy the rest of the conference.

Jon Gibson: Thanks a lot.