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ReachdTV: Interview with Todd Rosenberg

One of the great things about attending conferences like Webmaster World is you get to discover all these new tools and applications that you didn't know were out there. is one of the web apps that we discovered at PubCon. They have several applications but the one that we talked with Todd about is there webchat tool which will allow you to chat with visitors on your website. We've not tested the tool, but it seems useful. 

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Having Problem with the video? You can get the content the old fashioned way - Read the Transcript of the Todd Rosenberg Video

Transcript of Todd Rosenberg Video

Rodney: I am Rodney with Reachd and we are at Webmaster world in Vegas 2007 and I am just talking with Todd here from User Plane.

Todd Rosenberg: That’s right.

Rodney: Can you just tell us, I haven’t heard this before. This is my first time to hear it or see anything about it, can you just tell us about user plane?

Todd Rosenberg: Sure, the user plane has applications that power the community side of websites. So in essence if you want to implement, chat rooms or instant messaging or video messaging with in your website, we provide those solutions, we have white label applications that’s are web and flash based and can be integrated and branded for any websites. So, if you don’t want to rebuild the wheel but you want to create a community with in your website that is what we provide and we power up a 200,000 websites currently including MySpace, we provide the chat for them and plenty of fish, we provide the IM for that service. So a number of sites that we power currently. We also have an advertising solution as well for publishers, that can serve advertising on to third party applications such as the ones that are on face book right now and also just on to sites in general so we provide those two services.

Rodney: So if I have a website and I want to chat with somebody I can put a little widget on there and they can click on the button that ….  

Todd Rosenberg: Exactly, you can create the Rodney chat room and invite as many people as you like to participate in that Rodney chat room experience and have it all hosted on your site.

Rodney: So we mostly teach like search engine optimization to small business owners, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, could you may be give us an idea how they could use this tool?

Todd Rosenberg: Well the tool in essence can be used to foster that internal community with in your website, so if you want people to be able to discuss successes or failures that they had, with a particular [inaudible], with a particular real estate broker then they would be able to have this organic community where they would be able to feed back to one another and make suggestions or those types of things, in order to include other into what is best in that community.

Rodney: All right, Thanks a lot Todd. Appreciate your time.

Todd Rosenberg: Thanks, good to meet you.

Rodney : Good to meet you. So that’s Todd from user plane and so if you need to get IM or chat on your website, these guys can do it for you.