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ReachdTV: Interview with Daniel Waterman of Findology

Another video from the exhibition hall at PubCon. This time we are talking with Daniel Waterman of Findology. I will spare you the text and let Daniel from findology tell you what they are all about in the video.

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Transcript of Video with Daniel Waterman

Rodney: We are here to Webmaster World 2007 in Vegas. I am Rodney with Reachd and we are talking with Daniel Waterman from Findology, they do - I forgot. We just met like 30 seconds ago, so Daniel’s go to tell us what they do?

Daniel Waterman: We are primarily a Per Click Search Engine, which we do about 3 billion searches a month, on a three cent minimum bid, so you can bid on minimum cents, minimum bid for three cents across all keywords. We also have one on the network traffic where you could bid one cents and show upon every search. So, you cannot biding on any keywords. Seeing a cheaper traffic more branding that way, but we do a good quality PPC Network of the three cent minimum bids. Depending on the keyword, if you go all a way up to a dollar, but we are much cheaper than Google and Yahoo. Through on the second here, no as much traffic, but 3 billing searches are still a lot. We also do CPV product, so we pop ads to users, so if somebody searches on Google or Yahoo, for DVD for example, and like say Netflix is an advertiser of our logo ahead and pop that directs Netflix Ad or landing page to the user over the search results instead of, something clicking on search result and going to this website, it goes directly to the website and that is at a one cent minimum bid. That’s pretty much we got.

Interviewer: Great, so I am a small business owner, let’s say and this all new to me PPC, Internet Advertising, Internet Marketing it’s totally new, what would your advice be to me to kind to get my feet wet and so to get started?

Daniel Waterman: Well, you definitely you have your website, you have category pretty much of what you would be doing. So, we can choose just keywords for you to bid on. We have a management tool online where you can see, where you can be placed. You want to be in the top three really to get a good traffic and quality traffic and so we have there capability of being placed automatically in the top three bids, depending on what is your price range is. If we have a good budget, daily budget, if you want to set a daily budget, you could do that - a monthly budget. So you can really get a good idea of how much you are willing to spend, then you get a good pricing on everything. We only do a 25 dollar minimum deposit, so you can get a really good feel for without you really spending much money on it.

Female Speaker: All right.

Interviewer: Cool. Thanks a lot Daniel.

Daniel Waterman: Appreciate your time. So we were just talking with Daniel from Findology.