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ReachdTV: Interview with Craig of Craig's List

Craig Newmark is the founder of Craig's List and was also a Keynote speaker at Pubcon in Las Vegas 2007. We had a chance to catch up with Craig after his keynote address to ask him a few questions about his Craig's List and the future of Craigslist.

During Craig's presentation he mentioned the decision to not put banner ads on Placing banner ads on Craigslist could have been a huge source of instant income since the site gets millions of pageviews each month but as Craig mentioned in his keynote address, "It just didn't feel right." Wow -- that is not an explaination that you hear everyday.  We hope you enjoy the video below

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Transcript of Video with Craig Newmark of Craig's List

Rodney Bartlett: So, we are here at Pubcon with Craig Newmark from Craigslist and I am Rodney Bartlett with We are just going to ask Craig a few questions, just gave a keynote address and just follow up a few questions here. So, at first you mentioned Craig that, Craigslist I guess serves maybe over 32 cities and in some cities you charge, in some you don’t. I guess may be you could just tell us how you make that determination?

Craig Newmark: Well we are in 200 cities at least now. Probably bumped it up to even 500 in the near future and charge in all these cities. That usually has to do with let’s say a category starting to get pretty filled which means to that when that happens the so on, people posting shady looking jobs, they try sneaking under the radar and if we charge them a token fee, something there in the market, they usually stops the bad guys.

Rodney Bartlett: I guess you mentioned you only charge for few categories and that just because of the when they begin to get abused then you decide, “ok we need do something here to stop this.”?

Craig Newmark: Well, abuse in job categories will generally motivate us to charge in that city, but again we only ever charge in two category areas real estates and jobs. Again we can post, we charge the people who are offering jobs. We have no interest in charging the people who are looking. Similarly, in New York only, we charge the people posting apartment ads the brokers. We have no interest in charging the people who are looking.

Rodney Bartlett: Does do you know sort of any staffs on the listings like some of our client are real estate agents and would you know as better for them to post pictures or not pictures or have the phone number or not phone number, what is most affective I guess for the ads?

Craig Newmark: I don’t have any good advice for that, because I need even tried, because I have seen from years looking at broker ads and apartment owner ads is that everyone has their own style and so on. It is only an experiment in curiosity anyway people do works for them.

Rodney Bartlett: And I guess I have to make honest confection. I use to GGN Craiglist and I was just wondering with the introduction of could GG if that is to cut into your user base or…?

Craig Newmark: If you see the sign of it, we see rows just happening in the way in that is way it has, might be accelerating at times, but people see that we are effective, easy to use and may be they think that the hearts are in the right place.

Rodney Bartlett: I guess speaking about that in “your heart being in the right place” and the way you guys do thing. I guess you operate out of the house and not like a corporate office is that still the case and why did you choose to do that?

Craig Newmark: Right now, we are in where we used to be in old house in the commercial strips of the in the Sunset neighborhood in San Francisco. With those we like to be add in the neighborhoods and those are commercial strips normally old houses which had straw fronts and as the commercial strip expanded, the houses got turned into business places, our place was turned into a business place probably decades ago.

Rodney Bartlett: Just one last question, what could we expect next from Craigslist, is there something new coming out?

Craig Newmark: Craigslist expect more of the same. We got to provide better and better customer service. I don’t know if customer service can every be good enough and chunk of that is we need better ways in getting rid of crap.

Rodney Bartlett: Well, thanks a lot Craig, really appreciate it. So we are just speaking with Craig and again I Rodney with Reached and we will look forward offering more these week as we are in Pubcon. Thanks.