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ReachdTV: Interview with Andy Beal

While we were at PubCon in Vegas we had the chance to speak with Andy Beal. We saw Andy at the Google party and thought it would be a great chance to talk with him about one of his specialties, online reputation management. Andy is the owner of a successful blog, the Marketing Pilgrim and is authoring a new book on Reputation management.

Check out the Video Below

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Transcript of Video with Andy Beal

Rodney: I am Rodney from Reachd and the word Pubcon here in Vegas 2007 and we are just in the Google, meet the Google engineers and line up, right to Andy Beal here and how I soon chat with him for little bit. So tell us a little bit about what you do Andy and …?.

Andy Beal: Yeah, how long have you gone? The answer is I am an internet marketing consultant, but I also publish I did a lot of consulting and business coaching for SCL forms and I just finished right in co-authoring a book radically transparent, which is the book on Reputation Management.

Rodney: So may be we can talk a little bit about reputation management, like if we are training people that, cut of rank for their name or different things like that, it’s through that’s their brand especially, so they may be having a hard time doing that, could you give us two piece of advice or something like that?

Andy Beal: Sure, the thing we do is to look at what you already got that you can utilize, if you have already got your name, you domain name, which is your personal name. For example I have If you now already put something like that to get used, go out and get your domain name and then get a wordpress blog or some thing that you can just put some content up and create an online profile of who you are, your resume, link out to your accomplishments, just like Google note there is an official page of who you are, so that some thing negative comes up in the future or some thing that is less desirable, you won’t Google say hey, this is be a legitimate page, so I am going to rank and if we happens to make a cool of himself at a Google party, hopefully we will make it in to the top ten of Google. 

Rodney: So I haven’t known you for very long, just met, but I notice you can have a interesting accent there, so where are you from and ….?

Andy Beal: I get that a lot and lot of people speculate I am from Australia, or South Africa or some thing like, but I am actually originally from England. But I now live in North Carolina, which as you know is the south, so I move from the south of England to the south on the U.S. My accent got stuck half way, so my accent some where over the mid-atlantic, trying to figure out which way to go, which is why I some times, slip in "Tally Ho Ya'll" just because I get a little bit confused now and but I may have a T-shirt now, I am not wearing it tonight that says "Tally Ho Ya'll", this one just says Howdy Pilgrim, because I am the marketing pilgrim, so but, yeah I am originally from England and it is the lot of fun though when I speak a conferences to watch people’s attention span as I say different words, they are like wait a minute that didn’t sound American where is that from …..

Rodney: I guess one more question, we teach us in optimization and we are part of the search engine academy and I think that you have spoken at some other events, may be you just tell us about some of your experience with the SEA.

Andy Beal: One of the things I like about them is that the events are a lot smaller, you come to a big event like this, you got thousands of people. If you go to a search engine academy, then it is a smaller group and the quality of the speakers that they bring in is not just them speaking, they bring in I have spoken there and I really try to add value but there, they are going beyond not just the valuable content, I mean as you probably already know bring people in to a small group, people get to network connect and share ideas with each other and in a more comfortable setting in kind of a more setting in. That is the lot of value formats, so not only they get in, attendees get in great resources and great training, but now it is an opportunity just a network and have conversations and learn from each other.

Rodney: Right. Thanks a lot Andy, it is nice to meet you.