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Broadcast Yourself - Use Video in your Internet Marketing Plan

January 31st, 2008

Just yesterday we finished our Advanced workshop and spent a bit of the time talking about video. Trust me when we say people visiting your site love video. Simple videos are easy to produce and easy to put up on YouTube, Viddler, Vimeo. Not only are videos simple to produce, upload and embed, but Google is also indexing videos as well and as I'm sure you've noticed YouTube videos will ofte ...

Share Your Gmail Story

January 25th, 2008

I'm an avid Gmail user and actually began using gmail because a friend recommended it. So I was thinking, gmail was recommended to me perhaps this video could encourage you to use gmail as well. I enjoy gmail is easy to use, it is powerful, there is plenty of storage, the spam filters are great (i actually forgot what spam is :) and on top of that -- gmail just gets better and ...

Increased Local Listing on Google

January 25th, 2008

I was doing a few searches on the Google homepage yesterday and noticed that they have increased their local listing search results. In times past you would have a thumbnail of a map with about three results on the map with an invitiation to view more local business on the map. Here is a search I did for furniture stores in Vancouver. Notice how many listings google is showing now.

New Local Listings On Google ...

Yahoo! adding to the Search Results

January 22nd, 2008

The people at Tech Crunch brought an interesting thing to light this weekend. Yahoo! is integrating tags in the search results for some users on Yahoo! This new move is still in beta according the guys at Tech Crunch. It is an interesting move by Yahoo! because they are basically allowing bookmarks to vote for listing in the search results.

Here is the snapshot ...

SEO Tip Via Video: Continue the Conversation with a Unique Headline

January 22nd, 2008

Below is the 3rd video in our series of videos about on page SEO elements. Remember on page refers to the items on your website that will influence how your website is ranked. 

Todays video is about creating a Unique headline for each page on your site. Your headline should be used to continue the conversation with your visitor.

The video is less than Five minutes and if you are ...

SEO Tip Via Video: Creat Compelling Title Tags

January 16th, 2008

This is the second video in the Video series talked about "On Page SEO Factor"

In the last video we discussed what a title tag is and today's video is about how to get the most out of your title tag. Your title tag is one of the elements on your site that may influence rankings but rankings is only part of the goal. When you are working to optimize your website, your want to rank, to g ...

Ubertor Training with an SEO Twist

January 15th, 2008

Just a quick post to let you know about some new training that we have introduced

Thursday January 24th we will be giving you a 3 hour crash course on Ubertor with specific empahsis on the SEO features. Ubertor has just recently released the Marketing tab which is packed with SEO features.

In the training we want to give you the skills you need to but your Ubertor site to work so ...

SEO Tip Via Video: What is a Title Tag

January 14th, 2008

We are releasing a series of video SEO tips at Reachd. The series will focus on the on page SEO factors of your website. When you are considering search engine optimization there are basically two categories to consider.

1. On page factors -- text and information on your website

2. Off page factors -- number and quality of links to your website.

With the Videos we are release ...

White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO What's the Difference

January 10th, 2008

I was just reading a post by Matt Cutts which mentions white hat and black hat SEO. If you are new to the search world and seo you may be new to the term white hat seo and black hat seo. Simply speaking white hat seo is basically following the guidlines laid out by the search eninges. Google has printed their Guidlines for webmasters at A wh ...

International Internet Marketing Association (IIMA) Recent Event

January 10th, 2008

Are you in the Loop?

Last night we attended a presentation hosted by the International Internet Marketing Association (IIMA) The topic was on closed loop marketing. Have you heard of closed loop marketing? If not don't worry. You are not alone. We hadn't either and many people at the meeting had not heard the term either. Those presenting included Kevin O'Connell from Radiant Communication ...

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