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Google Analytics Benchmarking & Data Sharing

The Google analytics team annouced something new with their product last week.

I logged into my analytics this morning to check it out....What is it?

Optional Data sharing and benchmarking. What happens is, you tell the analytics team, "yes you can take my data and mix it together with others in my industry to get an average." You give them permission by clicking on the accept button at the top of the page when you  log into your new analytics account. Here is a snapshot of what I saw when I logged in.


blog post analytics benchmarking


After this you go to the "edit data sharing option" which should be a blue link right at the top of the page. Next, I enabled benchmarking for my site.

Here is what Google said after I enabled benchmarking....

"Benchmarking has been enabled for your site. Data from other sites that have enabled benchmarking is now being collected and combined. Industry statistics will appear in this report within two weeks."

So now in two weeks time I will have an idea how my traffic stacks up against other people in my industry.

I know that all your parents taught you to share, so go ahead and log into your analytics and share your data. Don't worry everything in anonymized.

Read more about this new feature on the Google Analytics blog