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Carnival of Real Estate

Welcome to the Carnival of Real Estate.  Lots of submissions this week with some really well written articles.  I have picked 8 of the posts to be included in this weeks carnival.  They are below in no particular order.  

1. Home Staging - You can stage it, even if they don't get it.  

2. Home Staging - Real Estate Death Match: Martha Stewart vs. Oscar Madison 

3. SEO - The Light Just Went On At NAR And Move

4. Real Estate Sales - Bad Pricing Strategies That Will Likely Come Back To Bite Sellers In The Arse!

5. Real Estate Investing - Scenario 28: Criminals Everywhere.

6. Home Ownership - An elusive dream?

7. Home Ownership - Buying to Renovate

8. Real Estate Investing - Dirty Little Secrets

Thanks for taking the time to read the above submissions.  Next weeks carnival is at so be sure to get your submissions in early.  

Carnival Bonus:

A great, informative interview with Google's Matt Cutts about your website and Wordpress.