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Do You Twitter? If so let me know!

I signed up for another social networking site last night.

The site is called Twitter -

It's been around for a while, and been on my list of things to check out. I'm like you -- just wondering if it was actually worth my time. So what is twitter? - Rather than listen to be blab about it you can watch this video from Twitter about Twitter. In a nut shell Twitter is a way to post quick questions or comments to friends, colleagues and or clients. Sort of like text messaging online for the world to see.

My twitter profile is brand new, but I'm looking for followers. Click on this link and follow me on Twitter

Jack Dorsey Presents Twitter from biz stone on Vimeo.

How could you use twitter? Well that is up to you.. here is one possiblity for a realtor..
Add a follow me on Twitter link to your website and potential clients could be instantly updated when a listing price drops or when you sell a condo or when you list a new property. it is instant, it is social, very web 2.0 and you can update Twitter right from your mobile phone. 

I'll keep you posted as to how twitter works for me. If you are using twitter let me know. I'm looking for people to follow on twitter :)

Learn more about Socail media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as we present Social Media Demystyfied - July 29th More detials to come!

Questions - Comments - Please drop me an email - Happy Twittering,
Rodney Bartlett
Lead Instructor