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Gathering Resources for a Niche Real Estate Website

October 4th, 2007

Below is the second step that we went through in the creation of our Elite Niche Real Estate Website.

If you missed step one, you can read how we started our Real Estate Website project here 

After we laid out our plan and began thinking about what information we wanted to include on the site, we began gather all of the resources for the information we need for the website.

T ...

Beginning Stages of Building a Niche Real Estate Website

September 27th, 2007

At Reach'd we are offering primarily two services.

1. SEO / SEM workshops as an associate of the Search Engine Academy

2. Elite SEO / SEM services to clients.

As part of the Elite plan we are building our own Niche Real Estate website. Our goals is to build a website that will Rank high on the search engines for all the relevant keywords by filling it with relevant content f ...