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Site links for some and not for others - Google give me some respect

August 5th, 2008

Last week in our bootcamp the subject of sitelinks came up. Later that night when I came home someone else had sent me an email asking about how to get sitelinks to show in the search results.

First things first... What are sitelinks? 

Sitelinks Example

Sitelinks are the links pictured above - they include 4 links directly to different pages on our website. The sitelinks are: Reachd TV, Gradu ...

Matt Cutts from Google Answers - "What's Next for Search Engines in 5 years"

July 28th, 2008

I was reading through my RSS reader this morning just trying to get caught up after a week off and I came across this video of Matt Cutts. Matt is the head of webspam at Google and has a website where he talks about webmaster issues and Googly stuff.

Two questions from this video, that I thought were quite helpful.

1. What do you see from search engines in the next 5 years. - Mat ...

SEO Success Story

July 23rd, 2008

I've been a bit absent this week. Currently I'm volunteering to host a sports camp sponsored by our church. The sports camp is a great example of a good use of Search Engine optimization.

Our church website is about... you guessed a church. How did we get Google to rank us Higher in the search results for a sports camp? Currently we are number 2.

sports camp.JPG

I got high rankings the same ...

21,000 Reasons to Use Video on Your Website

July 15th, 2008

A while back I wrote a post about 5 reasons to use online video. Today, the Ubertor Blog introduced me to 21,000 other reasons for online video. The agent featured in the video below entered an online video contest and won $21,000 for his client and they both also won a massive HDTV. I guess that makes 21,002 reasons to use online video. You can watch the video below. When you get to the aw ...

Updated Adwords Keyword Tool

July 11th, 2008

Have you seen the new updates to the Adwords Keyword tool? (

Below is a snapshot of what google is showing now when you search for KeywordsAdwords Keyword Snapshot

I did a search for "security software" and these are some of the results. Prior to the changes to the tool, you would only see a little bar that said low search volume or high search volum ...

What are you doing July the 18th?

July 11th, 2008

Have you attended the Reachd training but want a little one on one help?

Maybe you've not attended but have some serious SEO Question or Adwords question you need to ask? 

If that is you, you are in luck. I'm blocking off my whole day on Friday July 18th just for you.

I will be at Ragin Bean Coffee Shop in Yaletown from 8am - 4pm and you can book one hour of my time. 

T ...

Free Google Teleseminar - July 8th

July 3rd, 2008

I just signed up for a free teleseminar hosted by Google. They are going to have representatives from three big Google properties. Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Website Optimizer. Here is a link to post about the event.

I'm registered and looking forward to hearing a few thoughts on these three tools.

Hope to see you on the seminar. If you can't make the semi ...

5 Things Google Says You Can Do To Show up on

June 23rd, 2008

USA Today recently took a play from the Reachd Playbook and interview the head of web spam at Google, Matt Cutts, to find out what you can do to get your website to appear higher in the search engine results pages. Read the USA Today article here and the Reachd interview with Matt here

Matt mentioned 5 things you can do.

1. Spotlight your search term. What would people search for ...

How does Your website rank? - Alexa Ranking Explained

June 23rd, 2008

Have you used the Alexa Ranking before?

The Alexa ranking is a ranking based on your website traffic. If you've seen that Alexa rank or heard of that number but not sure what it all means - you're in luck.

I put together a quick 5 minute video to help you uderstand the ranking. Watch the Video below - If you are viewing this post via email, you'll have to click through to the orig ...

New Product to Manage Your Online Reputation

June 18th, 2008

Andy Beal, the marketing pilgrim, has just launched a new product and we wanted to take a minute and tell you about it. We ran into Andy at Webmaster world in Vegas in 2007 and Andy told us all about his work with reputation management. (Check out our interview with Andy in Vegas 2007)

What is online reputation management?
The term basically speaks for itself. It is monitoring your re ...

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