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"Do I need Meta Data?" - Question from our SEO Bootcamp

One of our students in the bootcamp just asked a great question yesterday.

Do I need "Meta Data"? He is referring to the meta description and meta keywords on his site. Those are the hidden items that only show in the code of your website and users do not see. He was told that the meta data is useless.

While he is right, most search engines do not care much about your meta data, especially the meta keywords, you should still use both meta description and meta keywords on all your pages. Your pages should have unique meta description and meta keywords.

Why? Two reasons.
1. The search  engines change. Even though this information is not important today, it may be useful in the future. It is simply a best practice to use them

2. You meta description is often used by Google as the description of your website. You know the black text that shows on Google... that is often your meta description.

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Rodney Bartlett
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