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3 Reasons Your Website is Useless

You Website Might be Useless if...

1. You don't know what Keywords to Target
A keyword is a word or phrase that someone types into Google to find your business. You can know what people are searching for online related to your business, but if you don't know - then you can't reach them!

2. Your content is old and out of date.
Google wants to see new and current content added to your site all the time. If you are making additions to your site, then your site will do better online. One way to remedy this is to add a blog. Google loves blogs and visitors to your site love blogs as well

3. Your website is full of Flash or Pictures.
True - Images look nice and flash is entertaining, but if you want to Google to rank your site higher you need more than pictures on your website. You should have at least 250 words per page on your website. If you don't have 250 words, Google doesn't know what your website is about.

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