Q: I'm not very web-savvy. Will this course be over my head?

A: The course is designed to provide information to students at all levels.
Already know a bit? You'll absorb some of the higher-level information.
Unsure of your web-savvy? You'll easily understand the big picture, and what CAN be done so you'll know what to look for when you want to do it.

Q: Do I need to bring a laptop to class?

A: A wireless-enabled laptop is not required for the course, but it is recommended. Free wireless internet will be provided.


Q: I am curious to learn about SEO but don't want to do it myself. Will this course still be useful?

A: Absolutely! If you engage an SEO firm, you'll have confidence communicating about the subject and making good decisions in the hiring process.


Q: What exactly does the course cover?

A: This is a long answer, are you ready? There is a ton of information to impart in the 12 hours!.
The first day, we cover Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Keyword Research, Search Engine Optimization, Inbound Linking strategy, and Blogging (including an introduction to Wordpress) / how blogging helps SEO.
The second day, we delve into a Social Media overview, including looking more closely at LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. You'll learn about the lingo, the privacy settings, and finally, we'll wrap it up into one easy-to-apply process so that you can put into action everything you've learned without feeling like it will take up too much time!