Learn to Expand Your Business and Attract More Web Traffic by Blogging

These days everyone is turning to the internet for answers to their questions. And you as a smart business owner have an opinion and something to say. Start blogging, get your opinion out there and begin impacting the online conversation about your product and business.

Drive more traffic to your site by increasing its value in the search engines through increased content!

What are the advantages of Blogging?

  • Let your customers get to know you
  • Search Engine Optimization opportunities
  • Communicate with your staff
  • Add lots of content to your website
  • Opportunity for conversation with people in your industry
  • A great way to provide on going value to clients
  • Learn how well blogging integrates to Social Media (Facebook & Twitter)

Who Should attend the Blog Training?

  • Internet Marketing Managers tasked with promoting their company online
  • Entrepreneurs who want to get their message out online but aren't sure where to start
  • Small Business owners interested in engaging in the online conversation

What will you learn in the blogging training?

  • How to setup your Wordpress Blog
  • Loads of content ideas for your blog
  • Can spending time blogging actually SAVE me time in my business?
  • What is an RSS feed?
  • How can I use my blog to grow my business?
  • Technical tips to get the most out of your blog