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If you aren't twittering online, you're falling behind, say perpetually connected people like Steve Jagger. Social media tools are radically changing the way we communicate.

Article by, Michael Mccarthy, Special to Vancouver Courier
Published: Friday, December 12, 2008

Steve Jagger takes his usual seat by the window at the Raging Bean Café in Yaletown, turns off his iPhone and plugs in his Mac Powerbook to check his "tweets."

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Steve Jagger in Vancouver SunArticle by Gillian Shaw of the Vancouver Sun
(photo by Ian Smith/Vancouver Sun)

On October 29th Reachd was featured in the Vancouver Sun in an article entitled "Keeping up-to-the-minute tabs on friends is all the Twitter" Steve Jagger of Reachd spoke with Gillian Shaw about the use of Twitter for business.

In the article Steve said, "All businesses should have a social media director. In my company it's me," he said. "You have to be out there on the Internet, watching your company get ripped apart in Twitter. Someone should be out there defending your company, fighting for it, listening to what people are saying about it."

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24 Hours logoFeatured in the 24 Hours Magazine on Wednesday May 28th.

Article by Buzz Bishop Titled: The revolution will be streamed online

Stephen Jagger from Reachd runs seminars helping small business maximize their websites, which includes adding video.

“Get a camera, any camera,” Stephen urges. “You’re the expert, educate your customers. Just do something.”

One of Stephen’s clients is real estate agent Ian Watt. Ian uses his video camera to vlog from the car between appointments. He announces new listings, reviews the marketplace and complains about lazy realtors using lockboxes. Video is helping Ian show off his personality and giving prospective clients a deeper look at who he is and what he does.

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Steve Jagger in the Vancouver Sun was featured in the Vancouver Sun May 14 2008. We just finished hosting our first 3 Hour Online Video session and gave each participant a Flip Video Camera to help boost their use of online Video. In the picture, Steve Jagger, the Co-Founder of Reachd is showing off the cool video cameras and Rodney Bartlett is in the background teaching the course. Digg this article

 Register for Upcoming Video Training co-founder Stephen Jagger was invited to come down to the Real Estate Channel to discuss the bootcamps that we offer:

Gary Vaynerchuk on Reachd

We ran into Gary Vanynerchuk at the Inman Conference in New York.

Gary is the creator of Wine Library TV and sought after speaker and consultant for business looking to engage in social media. We had the chance to invite Gary to our video session in Seattle and he had a few kind words he wanted to share.

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