Facebook -- LinkedIn -- Twitter -- Blogging -- What's the Big Deal?

Learn to Use the Social Media Tools that can grow your Business

What will you learn in the Training?

    Bootcamp Graduates Ubertor SEO Training
  • Big Picture - why I should or what I'll miss
  • Overview of LinkedIn
  • Facebook Tour & Privacy Settings
  • Twitter Tour & Terminology
  • Plan of Action to maximize your impact

What Social Media Sites will we Guide You Through?

  • LinkedIn - reputation management and uses
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Posterous (tying it all together)

Who is the Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) Training for?

  • The Committed - those using social media but ready to actually see a return on their time investment.
  • The Curious - Those who say, "I've heard about "Social Media" but I'm not sure about it, or I don't know where to start.
  • The Skeptical - "Twitter and Facebook are really fun - but it seems like a total waste of time!"
  • The Clueless - "Tweeting... Liking... What are you talking about?!"

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