Getting started with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Straight Forward Practical Hands on SEO Training
to help you achieve success with your website

Bootcamp Graduates Ubertor SEO Training Hey everyone knows that Google has put together a great product. They are a cool company and their stock is through the roof. That is nice and all but you might be asking yourself...

  • How can I get my site listed in Google?
  • What do Google and other search engines look for on my site?

Why does your website need to be optimized for the search engines?

  • Most people turn to Google for answers, but are they finding you there?
  • It is not enough these days to just have a've got to have a website that is ranking well.

What will you learn at the training?

  • The factors on your website that effect your rankings
  • How to build content which the search engines love
  • How to get inbound links to your website
  • How to read the data collected by Google Analytics
  • How to use Blogging to improve your SEO
  • How to use Google Places effectively

Who is this Training for?

  • Internet Marketing Managers tasked with getting a grasp on their company website's SEO issues.
  • Real Estate agents who want to begin competing online.
  • Entrepreneurs who understand the value of SEO but are not quite sure how to take their website to the next level.
  • Website designers or copywriters who want to add SEO to their skillset.
  • Small and medium business owners/managers who want to learn more about SEO before hiring an SEO firm.

If you are ready to start putting the most powerful search engine in the world to work for you, then please register.

Upcoming Training Dates

$499 for the 2-day (12 hour) course

Day 1: Blogging + SEO + Google Adwords
Day 2: Social Media + Plan Implementation


SEO Tips from Matt Cutts of Google