Broadcast Your Message in a Memorable Way with Video

Gary Vaynerchuk is the son of a wine store owner in New Jersey. He had the crazy idea of starting a video blog to review wines. Now his video blog has a huge readership and the family wine store has exploded!

You may not be a Gary Vaynerchuk, but you can definitely use video on your website to enhance your brand and increase revenue. 

We Recommend The Flip Video Camera

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Register for our upcoming video training and take advantage of the hottest trend on the internet.

Why do you need to get involved in the Video scene?

  • Google and other search engines are indexing video
  • Unique & Memorable way to get your message across
  • If you don't get involved now you will be playing catch up next year!

Video... Sounds complicated, I'm not much of a techy can I come?

  • Yes you can definitely come!
  • We are going to walk through step by step How to create, edit, and upload your video
  • Come in the door with no skill or experience and walk out with skill and confidence to create your videos 

What else will you learn at the Video Session?

  • How to make your video Unique and Memorable
  • Where to post, when to post and how to post your video.
  • How to effectively use your new flip camera

November Training Dates

Wednesday, November 17th
9am-12pm: Social Media
2pm-5pm: Blogging

Thursday, November 18th

9am-12pm: SEO
2pm-5pm: Adwords

Bell Alliance Boardroom
#201 1367 W. Broadway
Vancouver BC

Register for all four classes for $399

Training Location Sponsor

Bell Alliance is the location sponsor for our 3 Hour Adwords training. Bell Alliance is located at Suite 201 - 1367 West Broadway, Vancouver, B.C. V6H 4A7

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Gary Vaynerchuk's Story

Gary used his passion for wines, his personality, and online video to "change the wine world" and grow his families business. If you are still skeptical about online video, check out Gary's story and you will be converted.